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January 30th
10:34 PM
I love my vegan and veggie friends. But that&#8217;s because they don&#8217;t get a superiority complex from their dietary choices.

I love my vegan and veggie friends. But that’s because they don’t get a superiority complex from their dietary choices.

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    found this to be funny….that is all!
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    I dunno, dude, I’ve encountered far more people who get sanctimonious about their veganism/vegetarianism than I have...
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    Can I just say… I don’t eat meat, haven’t for 4+ years. And it has nothing to do with other people. I don’t eat meat...
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    Too true. Those that are vegetarian/vegan and omnivores need to stop pushing their diets on others. Its like the war we...
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    I don’t believe you! I have amazing vegan-super powers! Like the power to perfectly sprout beans in my kitchen.
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