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February 24th
2:20 PM

Well okay then. I will start doing that today. (Do note: most are on my home computer, and I’m on my work computer today. So most gif sets will be at night or on weekends unless I remember to queue them.)

How to save a gif:

  1. Create a folder on your computer for gifs. Trust me, you’re going to want a folder.
  2. Right-click on a gif and select “Save Image As…” (Sorry, that’s for Mac. Find the PC equivalent.)
  3. Name your gif by what you’re most likely to remember it as when you need to search it. For example, the two gifs above here are saved as “Nod1.gif” and “Nod2.gif”.
  4. When you want to upload a gif, just navigate to your folder, select it, and click the upload button. Sometimes larger gifs will take a little bit to load and animate. If you see no animation after a minute, the file may be too big for Tumblr. This does happen.
  5. If you want to add a gif to a post that does not have an “upload image” option, open Tumblr in a separate window. Go to upload a text post. Click on the little thing that lets you upload an image, and add your gif of choice to the text box. Then highlight the gift in the text box and cut it. (Command+X or Control+X, depending on Mac or PC, respectively.) Paste the gift into the text box of the post you ultimately want it on. There ya go. :)
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